Accutane (Isotretinoin) for acne: medication info

Accutane (Isotretinoin) for acneAcne usually occurs in adolescents, when the sebaceous glands are active. The risk factors for acne are hormonal disorders, emotional stress. The causative agent of acne in most cases are Propionibacterium acnes. The most common cause of acne in adults is seborrhea. Acne can occur with various chronic diseases, infections.

The cause of acne can also be the effect on the skin of various substances with a comedogenic effect, which cause clogging of the sebaceous glands, hyperkeratosis (coarsening of the skin). They include various oils, lubricants, as well as products containing tar. Excessive use of cosmetics containing fats, taking anabolic steroids can provoke acne. How to get rid of acne? There is a drug Accutane based on Isotretinoin, which can help you!

What is Accutane?

What is AccutaneAccutane (Isotretinoin) is a structural analogue of vitamin A. It refers to preparations of the group of retinoids. It is used to treat acne, rosacea, dermatitis, as well as to reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. The product is sold in the form of conventional tablets. The standard drug, which is most often prescribed by doctors, is called Accutane. It is sold in different dosages, from which the cost varies.

The mechanism of action of preparations based on isotretinoin for acne:

Reduces the thickness of the surface layer of the epidermis - when applied to the skin, isotretinoin has a weak irritant effect on the cells of the stratum corneum, causing them to peel and slough (peeling effect). This leads to a decrease in the thickness of the surface horny layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells. This makes the pores of the skin more open, which prevents the formation of pores in the pores of fatty plugs (blackheads).

Comedonic properties - isotretinoin is able to dissolve the substance of fatty plugs that clog pores of the skin. This leads to the purification of the pores of the skin from acne, and also helps prevent the formation of acne.

Reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands -one of the main factors in the formation of acne and acne is the increased function of the sebaceous glands, the ducts of which open into the lumen of the hair follicles that are in the pores of the skin. Increasing the production of fatty secretion helps to block the pores. Isotretinoin normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands of the skin, reducing their secretion.

How Does Accutane Work?

Isotretinoin (the active substance of the drug) is a relative of vitamin A, which refers to fat-soluble vitamins. For more complete assimilation, the drug should be taken with fatty foods (during meals). Since the course of treatment lasts an average of 4-9 months, there is a sufficiently high chance that the patient will forget to take the drug while eating or will not eat enough fatty food to assimilate isotretinoin. According to the results of clinical studies, Accutane without food is assimilated by 70%.

The fact that it is digestible without food allows you to be more confident that the drug works at the right concentration, and that the effectiveness of the treatment will be exactly what the doctor and patient count on. Isotretinoin, getting into the body, turns into tretinoin. It is trans-retinoic acid, which affects the synthesis of protein. The specific effect on proteins depends on the tissue into which the acid penetrates. Ultimately, the drug acts on the sebaceous glands and reduces the amount of secret secreted by them. It is thanks to this process that the drug removes inflammation.

Accutane Side Effects

A strong effect of the drug on the skin can lead to a side effect, depending on the dose taken. For example, it is quite possible the appearance of redness in a certain area of the skin, itching, as well as dermatitis of the face. Side effects do not appear if the drug is prescribed directly by the treating doctor and is taken strictly according to the specified instructions. Among the general effects on the body, there is an increased sweating, which, incidentally, is often found in normal operation of the drug. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body and in particular the sweat glands of a person.

Accutane acts on the respiratory system. In case of malfunctions, bronchial spasms and a complicated breathing process are possible (there is a feeling that air is not fully filled with air). There may be pain in the muscles. Feelings resemble strong strength. As a rule, discomfort passes a few days after the start of the drug. People aged 35 years old or older, may experience pain in the joints and tendons.

Failures in the work of the gastrointestinal tract are often recorded. The drug may cause nausea or even hepatitis. A number of contraindications suggest that Accutane can lead to severe visual impairment. With the help of special exercises and medications, it is easily restored under the close supervision of a doctor. In especially severe cases, the side effect of the drug is cataract.

The hearing from an incorrect exposure to Roaccutane on the body worsens only in a certain range. As a rule, there are no special problems in this area. During treatment with Accutane, some patients experienced a sharp decrease in immunity. Be careful in this period. The organism is easily exposed to various types of infections.

A large amount of vitamin A in the preparation can lead to the corresponding type of hypervitaminosis. This in turn affects the structure of the skin. Due to the mildening of the sebaceous glands the cover is dried, so that during this period it is allowed to apply moisturizing cream. Also, frequent bleeding from the nose, the appearance of sputum in the respiratory tract and conjunctiva.

Overdosing of the drug leads to all of the above side effects. But most often occurs only with hypervitaminosis, which the doctor did not find on time. Therefore, only apply to highly qualified professionals. As you see, there are quite a few side effects, but with proper use only some of them are manifested. And in most cases, treatment takes place without any complications.

Accutane and Alcohol

The fact that the periodic consumption of alcohol can provoke various health problems is not a secret for anyone. And because of this, not only the functioning of the internal organs is disrupted, but also the appearance may deteriorate substantially. As it has been confirmed by many experts, the abuse of alcohol sooner or later leads to an increase in the number of triglycerides, which are one of the "main enemies" of clean and healthy skin. As a result of such internal changes, the skin oil will begin to be released in an even larger amount, but it will not be consumed by muscle cells.

All this will lead to the fact that its surpluses will begin to accumulate in the liver, because of all this, fatty liver dystrophy can develop - a serious enough disease. Alcohol itself also leads to the destruction and death of liver cells. The fact that such pathologies will lead to irreversible changes in the body is obvious. Therefore it is much more reasonable to simply warn their appearance, and not to engage in treatment afterwards.